TIPS | The Seven Step Guide to Going Global

Husayn Kassai

Having driven our expansion through offices in 4 countries, clients in 132 and over 140 employees worldwide, international expansion is a topic we know well at Onfido.

Making the step into new markets is never easy, and for startups can be even more challenging than for most. That’s why we decided to join forces with our friends at OnboardIQ for ‘A Startup’s Guide to International Expansion’, a web session aimed at sharing our expertise and experience with startups ready to make the move, and make it count.

During the session, Husayn Kassai, co-founder and CEO at Onfido, and Nico Roberts, Head of Operations at OnboardIQ, discussed everything from recruitment to regulation, tackling all the questions and complexities that come with making the move abroad.

If you joined us for the webinar, we hope you found it useful! For those of you that missed it, here are Husayn and Nico’s seven top tips from ‘A Startup’s Guide to International Expansion’...

  1. Test MVP with a small team: Go out with a small team to execute on an MVP model with a specific focus.

  2. Acqui-hire: For the fastest-growing platforms, this approach can be very valuable.

  3. Plan for the future: Expansion overseas should be a process under continuous review – have a plan B for unforeseen changes like Brexit.

  4. Hire smart: Consider how to manage, pay and motivate your workforce and build trust among your customers

  5. Listen to local expertise: Consult legal, HR, financial experts to help navigate regulatory minefields across different geographies.

  6. Consider Intangible assets: From tech, to IP, to brand equity, it’s important to take everything into account.

  7. Expect and respect legal and cultural differences; Be sensitive to the different needs and attitudes of workforces in different countries.

To learn more and ask any questions of your own, drop us a line. And if you're expanding abroad yourself – good luck!


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