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July 30, 2018 Ed Ackerman

You might have seen that Onfido introduced a new value earlier this year: Creating Customer Buzz. It focuses the team on putting our partners at the heart of everything we do – from creating the best products, to delivering the best service. 

Whatever your feedback, we’re listening. We aim to respond to your queries within 24 hours, and to put your requests and insights into action. In fact, we’ve already started. 

Some of your biggest wish list items were about user experience, recent product developments and our Watchlist check – so keep your eyes peeled for more in-depth updates on those over the next few weeks. For now, here are just a few of the things we’ve been working on over the last few months in response to your requests.

You asked for: Enhanced service accuracy

Onfido’s hybrid approach means we’re able to deliver the speed and consistency of automation, with the accuracy and expertise of a human team.

We continuously develop both our tech and human teams to make sure you get the best of both worlds, and have recently released a number of product updates to help tailor the Onfido service to your specific needs. 

We’re also investing in tools to support the expert human teams which underpin our hybrid approach. Our Document Fraud team is headed up by leading specialist Michael Van Gestel. Under his leadership, we’ve rolled out several new initiatives, including weekly focus sessions with agents. These are designed to improve our accuracy by providing enhanced training and improved  quality control procedures. If you or your team would like to understand more about the global Identity and Document fraud landscape, we’re also launching a programme for external training.


You asked for: Faster turnaround times

Onfido's clients expect checks to return with high pass rates and accurate fraud detection in seconds, 24/7. Our unique hybrid approach allows us to strike the right balance between speed, fraud accuracy and completion rates. 

Of course, the ‘right balance’ differs from business to business – which is why we’ve developed three new packages for you to choose from. Flash is fully automated for scale and speed, Boost utilises a hybrid approach for greater completion rates, and Vault is fully manual to deliver the most robust fraud detection.

Whatever your needs, we’re constantly working to strengthen check accuracy and meet check turnaround time expectations.

You asked for Broader global coverage

Onfido's identity verification engine supports over 600 document types from all 195 countries. To date, we have focused on supporting Latin characters – but due to growing client demand, we’re delighted to introduce support for Chinese, Japanese and Taiwanese documents. What’s more, we’re continuing to broaden our country and character coverage to ensure Onfido offers you the most inclusive identity verification service in the world.

You wanted: Even more Customer Support options

Enterprise clients are afforded our highest level of support. A dedicated Client Service Manager provides strategic support, and our Client Service Helpdesk, Tech Support and Applicant Support teams round-out our offering.

All Onfido clients can take advantage of our Client Service Helpdesk, Tech Support and Applicant Support teams. Each works to a 24hr turnaround time during working days; outside those hours, our applicant FAQs and client FAQs allow for 24/7 client and applicant care.


Our next customer satisfaction survey will be coming your way in September. We’d love to hear how you think we’re getting on, and what else we can be doing to improve your Onfido experience. Watch this space!

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Ed Ackerman

Ed is Director of Partner Management at Onfido.

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