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September 12, 2018 Rob Beale

When we ran our first customer satisfaction survey earlier this year, our Watchlist Check came up a few times. As one of our core services, we know it’s important to help you meet your compliance requirements, avoid fines, and protect yourself from reputational risk.

That’s why making the Watchlist Check work even better for you has been one of our biggest priorities.  Welcome to your new, improved Watchlist Check:

What you said

Our existing Watchlist Check looks for your user on a wide range of official public and proprietary lists, including Government Sanctions and Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) lists, Terrorism, Most Wanted lists and more. And while being thorough is important, for some of you, there were a few too many hits to manually review. You wanted more granularity and a wider range of options in the way your Watchlist Check worked.

What we did

When it comes to the Watchlist Check, we know that extensive coverage is key – but so is flexibility. So we looked at ways to give you even better breadth of service, but with a better ability to refine the search and control the performance.

We found, tested and integrated with a new provider to bring you Watchlist KYC. It means we’re now able to offer you a variant of our existing Watchlist Check and deliver a broader, more effective overall service.

The new Watchlist Check allows you to submit additional data points (like address) and search a different range of sources, so you can get the results you’re looking for. 

Our existing Watchlist Check isn’t going anywhere. But we know that one size doesn’t fit all. So now, you have the option to decide whichever Watchlist Check variation works best for you and your business. It offers added flexibility, and gives you more options in what you look for in your Watchlist Check – and what results you get back.

What it means for you:

Onfido’s Watchlist portfolio now allows you to choose between 2 variants to search over 500 public lists – that’s a 200% increase in the number of lists we’re able to scan. There’s more variation in function and features, and some of you are already seeing a 50% decrease in hit rates.

"The new Watchlist Check has been massive for both reducing false positives and providing pertinent information when a positive result is returned. With this upgrade we have been able to make better decisions quicker." - Martin McAnaney, Head of Compliance & MLRO, Crowdcube.


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Rob Beale

Rob Beale is a Product Manager at Onfido

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