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We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes over the past few months and today, we want to share a little of the magic with you. Here’s what we’ve been up to…

  • Identity Verification Form
  • Glare Detection
  • Document Selection
  • Extended Document Coverage
  • Dashboard Filtering & Data Export

Identity Verification Form

With our new web-based and mobile-friendly Identity Verification Form, you can now seamlessly collect identity information – such as passport and driving license images – from your users in just a few simple steps. Configure the form to collect the information you need and send it straight to your users, right from your dashboard. No API or SDK integration required!

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Glare Detection

Reduce user drop-out thanks to our new glare detection feature. Strong light shining on an identity document causes glare which may obscure essential information. This may make the document difficult to verify. Our new glare detection feature, available in the iOS SDK, notifies users that their photo contains glare as soon as they take it. The user is then instantly prompted to take another photo. Put your sunglasses on, ‘cause the future has never looked so bright!

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Document Selection

Improve your onboarding experience and increase completion rates by allowing users to only submit supported documents. When submitting their identity document, users on the Android and iOS SDKs are now prompted to choose from a list of supported documents according to their country.


Extended Document Coverage

Extend your reach, and identify anyone, anywhere. We now support over 620 separate documents, and passports for over 240 countries and territories (we count territories as well as countries). Onwards and upwards!

Dashboard Filtering & Data Export

If you’re a dashboard user, you’ll like this one. You can now filter your checks by results, date, or status straight from your dashboard – so there’s no need to search page after page of applicants to find the one you are after! Admin users can also export their data as a CSV file. This makes life a whole lot easier if you regularly process large volumes of checks.

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