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It’s been a month since we last spoke, and we’ve been busy making even more product improvements here at Onfido. We thought it was about time that we shared the latest and greatest with you. Here’s what we’ve been up to...

  • Improved Document Check Results
  • New Compromised Document Database
  • Identity Verification Form with Facial Verification
  • Android SDK Glare Detection
  • Updated API Integration Workflow on JS SDK
  • Enhanced Onboarding Experience

Improved Document Check Results

You asked, we listened. Following your feedback requesting fine-grained document check results, we’re pleased to announce that results are now divided into different four categories:

  • Clear: Document shows no indication of being fraudulent.
  • Caution: Document can be processed, but image quality is too low, or image is a photo of a scan/screenshot of the original document.
  • Suspected: Document shows signs of suspected fraud.
  • Rejected: Document is not supported – non-Latin alphabet, or image does not contain a document. 

Further information on integration can be found in our API documentation

New Compromised Document Database

Thousands of compromised documents are available on the web, just waiting be picked up by fraudsters who want to access your platform. With that in mind, we pressed pause on the cat videos, and instead scoured the web for all the compromised documents we could find. The result is our new Compromised Document Database. Available through our API, it automatically pulls new compromised documents from the web. If a user tries to submit a compromised document, or data from that document, we tag it as Suspected.

Identity Verification Form with Facial Verification

In June, we introduced our fresh-eyed Identity Verification Form to the world which allows you to seamlessly collect identity information from your users in just a few simple steps. The first version of the IDV Form allowed users to upload a photo of their identity document and confirm their basic information. One month later, it’s already grown to support photo capture via webcam, mobile or file upload. The captured photo is then verified against the photo in the user’s identity document to ensure that they are who they say they are.

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Android SDK Glare Detection

In our last update we introduced our new glare detection feature on our iOS SDK. Now, it’s back with a vengeance, available on Android SDK too! In case you missed it last time: glare can often obscure essential data on identity documents, making them difficult to verify. Our glare detection feature prompts users to immediately retake their photo if it contains glare. The result: fewer documents are rejected for something as silly as glare, and more users are onboarded onto your platform.


Updated API Integration Workflow on JS SDK

Who has time to upload captured user images into their own system, and then manually push them to our API? No one! We’ve updated the API integration workflow so that captured images are now sent from your users' browser directly to our API. Don't worry about handling files yourself anymore! This handy new improvement reduces integration time and maintenance costs, so you can start submitting document and images with minimal development effort.

Enhanced Onboarding Experience

It’s our mission to improve your onboarding experience. Previously, your Onfido Account Manager would have generated a sandbox token for you, but we’ve decided to put the power into your hands. Generate a sandbox token yourself and immediately begin playing with our API. You can also test webhook endpoints and identify errors straight from your dashboard. Don’t worry though, live tokens can still be generated upon request when needed.

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