Scaling to meet the global Identity Verification explosion

Andy Leaver


Scaling to meet the global Identity Verification explosion

Unlocking the online digital world using your identity

It was 18 months ago that I first met Onfido, and I knew right then that I wanted to get involved. Being an investor was exciting, but I could see that the business was going to hit an explosion of demand very soon, and that’s when my skills could get busy. You may have seen that Onfido just raised a Series C round of $30m led by my partners at CraneVC with participation from Microsoft Ventures, Salesforce Ventures and Idinvest amongst others. Now is absolutely the time for them to accelerate International Expansion, building on the existing 1,500 clients across Europe and the USA. The future is very exciting for Onfido as it scales its machine learning-based Identity Verification platform further into the US, and drives expansion into India, Latin America and other international markets.

To capture this opportunity, Onfido are bringing onboard a new CPO (Kevin Trilli), CTO (Andy Wilde) and CRO (that’s me!). These new hires bring decades of deep experience to five-year-old Onfido, including specialised security, SaaS, AI and data technology skills from companies that have scaled rapidly to become world leaders. I’ve personally seen the good things that can happen when you bring experienced operators into disruptive companies, and I can’t wait to see the next chapters being written in the Onfido story. It’s truly humbling to see a company from the UK be so impactful and visionary.

Onfido has offices in San Francisco, New York, Lisbon and New Delhi, plus London where I’ll be located. Founded in 2012, the identity verification company has grown from 25 to 150 employees in just over 2 years, while growing revenue 5x year over year.

But scaling a business is hard, and many companies can easily plateau as they raise that pivotal Series C round. It’s generally agreed that Series C puts you in the category of a ‘real business’, the culmination of all the passion, sweat and tears of the early believers. But unfortunately, sweat and passion alone can’t give you exponential growth, especially the sort of growth needed to lead a category and seize a global opportunity.

But here’s the good news. By Series C you can have more than product market fit, you can have vision market fit and real clarity on where you need to execute. Your customers who share that vision tell others, and they tell others, and your focus on customer success drives your business growth. And that’s where, as the new CRO, I need to not only put in just enough process and procedure to take us years into the future, but also to continue to fuel the business with incredible customer success stories driven by the passion of incredible Onfido talent.

I’m genuinely thrilled to be working with the founders at Onfido — Husayn, Eamon and Ruhul — as we build a category-defining global enterprise.


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