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New Year, new us! Well...new features, anyway. We’ve set ourselves some ambitious New Year’s resolutions, and are already working hard to deliver on them. Here’s a quick overview of what we’ve delivered:

  • Blur Detection on Android
  • Passport Auto-Capture on Android
  • FAQs Website Update
  • Language Localisation on iOS & JS
  • Video Liveness Automation
  • Spoofing Detection
  • Look Ma, no paper: The Banking REVOLUT-ion is here

Blur Detection

Live data and feedback from user testing indicates that, when it comes to blockers to capturing high quality images, blur comes in as a close second to glare. Typically, if users submit a selfie or identity document image with blur in it, they’ll be asked to re-submit new images. Blurred images can also make it harder to distinguish genuine documents from fraudulent ones. But never fear, Onfido is here! We’ve released Blur Detection on Android for Passports, Driving Licences, Identity Documents and Residence permits, and plan to release on iOS in the coming month. Now, when a user captures an image with blur, they will see a Blur Detection warning. It prompts them to take another photo before submitting it for verification, so they capture high quality images and don’t have to re-submit later.



Passport Auto-Capture

Buttons? Who needs them! We’ve taken our real-time image capture to a whole new level. Our Android SDK now automatically captures top-quality passport images, without the user having to lift a finger. Passport Auto-Capture combines the powers of Glare Detection, Blur Detection and document detection to capture high quality images via an intuitive user experience. In the next month, auto-capture will be also be available for other document types, including Driving Licences, Residence Permits, and National Identity Cards.

NOTE: Ironically, we’ve had to blur the details on the passport below to protect the identity of our dear developer – but hopefully you get the idea!

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FAQs Website Update

January blues got you questioning your place in the cosmos? Well, we can’t answer that one, but we’ve got you covered for almost everything else. Our newly updated FAQs page helps you get answers to almost anything Onfido-related – from how to view results, to what information is required to complete a check, to details on how we catch suspected frauds. We continually update our FAQs, so remember to check them out through our webpage, or through your dashboard.

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Language localisation on iOS and JS

In a global marketplace, supporting multiple languages is key to onboarding your customers easily, and without delay. Last time we spoke, we were announcing Android language localisation. Now we’re rolling it out to our JS and iOS users, too. We now offer local language (or localisation) support for JS and iOS, and Spanish translation out-of-the-box!


Video Liveness Automation

We’ve increased the automation of our Facial Check with Video to allow you to significantly scale your customer onboarding. With the majority of facial comparisons now completed by an algorithm rather than a human, we can detect fraudulent applicants with greater accuracy, rely less on human decision making, and help you scale! We’ve also got one spot left in our Facial Checks with Video beta program. Get in touch if you’d like to receive discounted Facial Checks with Video for up to a year.

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Spoofing Detection

This bun is still in the oven, but will be ready in the next couple of weeks! Our Facial Check with Video already helps detect common fraud attempts like users taking a photo of a print-out, or a photo of someone's facebook profile, rather than a live selfie. Now, we’re taking it one step further. Using machine learning, we’ll be able to analyse textures including printer artifacts, reflection, or screen pixelation patterns to automatically detect anomalies in user selfies.


Look Ma, no paper: The Banking REVOLUT-ion is here

Opening a new bank account isn’t easy. It’s paper-heavy, time-intensive and frankly, inconvenient. From awkward opening hours, to the reams of paperwork required, it can be a mission to get access to your precious paycheck. We partnered with Revolut, a leading online bank with over 1 million customers. Their goal? To revolutionise (pun intended) the way we do banking, so people can access their finances on their own terms. Read more in our case study.

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