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Bienvenue French language localisation and more...

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Spring has sprung, and so has the Onfido Outline – now with a new, fresh face! Over the past month, we’ve been working hard to deliver some new features. Got a moment? Check them out below...


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Oui, c’est vrai! Last time we spoke, we had just launched Spanish language localisation on Android to help you easily onboard your Spanish customers. Now, we’ve added language localisation for French, too. And that’s not all – iOS and JS will be coming soon to a screen near you…


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Paper case studies are so last year. Watch Taj Ratta, Co-founder of Small Screen Casinos, talk about how they were able to increase their user onboarding by 30% with Onfido.

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Sometimes, it’s the small things in life that make all the difference. Other times, you really need the big picture. Now you can have both! After taking a photo of their identity document, your customers can pinch and zoom to preview image quality before submitting the perfect picture. This will help your customers ensure that the information on their identity document is easily readable, which helps you reduce user drop-off.


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Keep your eyes peeled for an exciting new product announcement this Sunday. We’ll be unleashing our new pet project and think you’ll agree it’s pretty special.  We’ve been working like dogs to get this one ready for you and think it’ll keep us ahead of the pack for a while to come.

Quote of the day

"Onfido resolved all our onboarding challenges in one go. We were able to adapt their technology to tick regulatory and compliance boxes, address security concerns, and upcoming regulatory changes. Most importantly, the speed of onboarding increased drastically, plus it's a much more intuitive process for our customers."

-- Taj Ratta, Co-founder, Small Screens Casino

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DL Extraction (1).gif

We listened to your feedback, and hit the gas on ramping up our Right to Drive capabilities. We now read the front AND back of your customers European driving licences, and extract the class, obtainment date, expiration date and any restriction codes. We’ll be rolling this out globally in the coming months.


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A bug squished here, a lick of paint there, and it’s a whole new Dashboard! We’re on a mission to make your Dashboard experience as smooth as possible. That’s why we’ve made some usability improvements, improved the consistency of the way results are displayed, and provided a more detailed breakdown on check and report level statuses and results (matching the API's level of granularity). We couldn’t stretch to a full ticker-tape parade, but you will see a small in-app notification announcing the latest and greatest version of the Dashboard.




Just Say No...to fra.png
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We already complete the majority of facial comparisons with an algorithm rather than a human, but with this release we can now automatically detect more fraudsters than ever. Applicants using using photos of photos or photos of screens, rather than real selfies, are no match for our Facial Check. We’ve got more exciting improvements to this algorithm coming up, so watch this space! Faster checks, less reliance on human decision making and more are on the way.

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