UPDATE | November's Product News

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Hello! We’re back! The days may be getting shorter, but our list of product updates keeps on growing. Here’s what we’ve been up to over the past month…

  • Salesforce Financial Services Cloud Integration
  • Launching Facial Check with Video
  • Desktop to Mobile Flow
  • Document Edge Detection
  • Built-in Dashboard Analytics
  • Client & Developer Experience
  • PAN Card Coverage in India

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud (FSC) Integration

We're very excited to have integrated with Salesforce! That makes us the first and only identity document verification service available on the platform. Already a Salesforce user? You can now request a check directly within Salesforce, verify the identity of your customers and automatically attach the results to their customer record in Salesforce. It gives you a clear audit trail, meaning you can easily comply with regulatory requirements and deliver a seamless onboarding experience to your users. For more information, check out our listing on the AppExchange or the Financial Services keynote at Dreamforce (skip to 4.10min if you want to see the magic).


Launching Facial Check with Video

Our new Facial Check with Video is now live! This check provides an added level of security by detecting liveness to prevent user impersonation (ie. users from taking a photo of a photo). Now, we ask users to film themselves repeating numbers and performing randomised movements during the signup process. Get in touch to receive discounted Facial Checks with Video for up to a year, and check but the full video here.

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Desktop to Mobile Flow

We’ve been working on this little gem for a while. If you’re using our JS SDK, your users can now start the signup process on their desktop, and seamlessly switch to their mobile to capture high-quality identity document and selfie images. Say goodbye to awkward workflows, where users have to email themselves a selfie from their phone and then upload it from their computer!


Document Edge Detection

To help your users achieve the best capture results, and to avoid personal details being cropped out of photos, we’ve built a feature we’re (creatively) calling ‘document edge detection’. The first version has been released in the latest Android SDK update, and will detect the edge of users’ passports. In the coming months, we’ll be adding functionality for ID cards, and will include this nifty feature in the next iOS SDK update too.

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Built-in Dashboard Analytics

We’ve rolled out an updated version of the Dashboard homepage, featuring built-in analytics on key metrics (volume of checks, pass rate, pending checks). It allows you to easily identify pending checks requiring an action, see trends in the volume of checks you’re processing and monitor your pass rate. No need to export your data to Excel or BI to get a quick overview of your key metrics, it’s all here!


Client & Developer Experience

The Developers Hub is the go-to place to explore Onfido’s API and SDKs.  From Quick Start guides and API documentation to SDKs documentation and FAQs you’ll find a whole heap of resources to get you up and running. Check out the Hub on our website.


PAN Card Coverage in India

Last month we expanded coverage for Aadhaar cards. Today, we are excited to add support for PAN (Permanent Account Number) cards. Available as standard and express checks, you can now verify a user's name against either their Aadhaar number or Permanent Account Number, and verify that the card number is valid and known to the issuer. With the support of these additional identity documents databases, you can continue to scale your business globally.

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