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Hello! We hope you didn’t miss us in August – while others were on the beach sipping Margaritas, we were hard at work. Here’s what we’ve added in the last few weeks...

  • Identity Record Results Sources
  • Flags for Facial Check Spoofing Attempts
  • Live Glare Detection
  • Support for Additional Identity Documents - US, EU, & India
  • Salesforce CRM Request
  • One More Thing...Join Our Beta Program for Facial Liveness

Identity Record Results Sources

The dawn of a new regulatory era (a.k.a. the introduction of the Fourth Money Laundering Directive and revisions to JMLSG Guidance) encourages companies to take a risk-based approach to customer due diligence. With that in mind, we set out to increase transparency, improve your compliance reporting capabilities, and give you complete confidence in the results returned. Onfido now displays the source of an applicant’s data – Credit Agencies, Telecom Database, Voting Register – all within your Identity Report.

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Flags for Facial Check Spoofing Attempts

Have you ever wondered why a facial check was labelled Suspected? Our Facial Similarity Reports now flags instances of suspected spoofing – where users have submitted a photo of photo, a photo of a screen, or used a mask, etc. This means you can quickly identify people who are trying to the cheat the system, without causing any friction for legitimate users.

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Live Glare Detection

Glare in an image can obstruct elements of users’ identity documents that we use for identity verification. That’s why we developed our glare detection technology – but feedback from our user testing workshops showed that people prefer to be warned of glare before snapping their Kodak moment. We know that the easier onboarding is for your users, the more they enjoy using your service, so we’ve given our mobile SDK an upgrade. Now, glare is detected in real-time, rather than after a photo is taken.


Support for Additional Identity Documents - US, EU & India

Driving licence expired? No passport? Don’t worry, you can still register that user! Our coverage has extended, and we now accept Residence Permit Cards for the US and most of Europe through our SDK. If you’re in the Indian market, we’ve just added an Aadhaar card capability through our API. Namaste! With this new feature, we can check your user’s name and DOB against their Aadhaar card number, and verify that the card number exists. With the added support for these identity documents, you can continue to scale your business globally.

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Salesforce CRM Request

Do you use Salesforce for customer relationship management? If so, we would love to speak to you about something exciting we have in development!


One More Thing...Join Our Beta Program for Facial Liveness

Join us as we build the most advanced facial liveness detection check on the market! We’re on the hunt for visionary people to be part of our beta program. Onfido is developing a Facial Check with Video to provide even greater security and prevent user impersonation. The Facial Check with Video asks users to speak and perform randomised movements so that we can be confident they’re real people.

We’re inviting you to be part of our beta program. You’ll be first to gain access to the most robust facial check on the market. Even better, you’ll receive free Facial Checks with Video for the duration of the beta program, and discounted Facial Checks with Video for up to a year after launch.

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