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It’s been a long, hot summer – but we’ve found one amazing hack for keeping cool. Just stay inside! That’s where we’ve been, working away on some shiny new features. Take a look...


The World Cup might be over (Vive La France), but sports betting most definitely is not. Did you know that 84% of players will switch providers for a better experience? Sports betting is a bigger game than ever – but online gamblers are among the least tolerant of cumbersome identity checks out there. Get your UX wrong, and you'll lose out.https://hub.onfido.com/ebooks-whitepapers/onfido-gambling-reporthttps://hub.onfido.com/ebooks-whitepapers/onfido-gambling-reportto find out how to get more players to your platform – and keep them there.

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Whether your customers begin their onboarding on their computer or phone, our Facial Check with Photo has them covered. But our Facial Check with Video was previously limited to just our mobile SDK (iOS & Android). No longer! We‘re making it even easier to prevent user impersonation and fraud with the latest version of our JS SDK (browsers on desktop or mobile web). Your customers can now can take a short video of themselves, no matter whether they're on their computer or mobile. Computer with no webcam? No worries. Using our Cross Device flow, your customers can switch from their computer to their phone mid-process to capture their ID document and selfie, then jump right back to their computer to finish the job.


We like writing to you about our new features, but sometimes it’s better to see them with your own eyes. That’s why we’ve built a demo app, so you can experience the Onfido workflow and see our solution in action. You can use the app for trials, too! We’ve kicked off with the Android app, and will have the iOS app in your eager hands in the next few weeks.

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In the old days, proving your address meant finding a printer that wasn’t out of magenta toner, printing out your utility bill or bank statement, and then taking it to a physical location. Not any more. We’re excited to announce Proof of Address, which allows your users to simply take a photo, or seamlessly upload their utility bill or bank statement. Even better, it’s available on both desktop and mobile. Get in touch to join our beta program.


Quote of the day

"On average, our turnaround time was about 48 hours. With Onfido, we’ve now got that down to 45 seconds, a massive increase in speed."

-- Michael Moore, Global Head of Compliance, Wirex


We sat down for coffee and a catch up with one of our favourite crypto customers, Wirex. With Onfido, they’ve been able to reduce the time taken to onboard their customers from 48 hours to just 45 seconds. Watch the video to find out how.

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We’re tightening the net on fraudsters thanks to our Facial Check with Video. By adding automated lip processing, head movement confirmation, and speech to text, we can more quickly confirm that users are correctly responding to liveness tests. What’s more, we’ve improved our spoofing detection so we can tell if the clip submitted is actually a video of a video being played by a fraudster's on their phone or computer screen. We know speed matters, and these changes will have your users onboarded in a flash.

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A freelance philosopher, Stephane also enjoys working on his tan.

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Onfido builds trust in an online world by helping over 1,500 businesses digitally verify people’s identities.

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